The Journey Back Home

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Since 2001, America has deployed over 2.77 million soldiers overseas. Those soldiers received months of training as part of their preparation for military life. But when they come back home, soldiers receive only hours’ worth of training to reintegrate back into American civilian society. What a big difference!

The newest 2018 VA report reveals that there were more than 6,000 Veteran suicides each year from 2008 to 2016. That’s over 48.000 deaths of suicide in 8 years. That’s over 48.000 grieving families.

Another alarming data:

“The suicide rate for Veterans ages 18–34 increased substantially, from 40.4 suicide deaths per 100,000 populations in 2015 to 45 suicide deaths per 100,000 populations in 2016.”

That’s over 10% increase!

Dr. William P. Nash, the director of the Psychological Health at the Marine Corps Headquarter shared his finding on Moral Injury (start on minute 5:03)

“The people who I have met and talked to over the years who had the best outcomes after a severe moral injury, who’ve come through that hero’s journey, come out of the wilderness with this new wisdom that they bring to others is almost always because of relationships, because somebody listened to them, really listened, was able to hear some pretty horrible, horrific truths without becoming disgusted, without judging, without turning away, and then giving the person who spoke the greatest gift that we can offer, that is to say “I hear you, I believe you, but I still love you.” For that person to believe that, the best is if it comes from a person who they already know that this person they’re talking to really does care about them.”

Video courtesy: Dr. William Nash Talks on Moral Injury – Volunteers of America – YouTube

As Dr. Nash stated: peer support works — and there are places in America where you can go to get support.

But what if you live in places where those resources are not available? Or what if you’re in the situation where you know that the people around you for whatever reason can’t bear the weight of your story so you can’t share it with them?

For that reason is why LifeLines Project was built.

LifeLines Project is a community of peer supporters (lifeliners) in America and that you can reach out to when you need a friend to talk .

The main mission of LifeLines is to link veterans with individuals who care and understand what it takes to overcome the challenges of civilian transition using digital platforms : website, iOS app, and Android app.

Please check out our prototype here:

Video Courtesy: Rev. Rita N. Brock on Soul Repair – Odessey Network – YouTube

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